New workshops added!

Just a quick little update post... I have added new dates for Full Day Workshops for September and October 2021. I'm also starting to look at scheduling workshops for the summer holidays - for example a variation of the Iloomination workshop but Christmas-themed! I am hoping that I can run an intermediate tea-towel workshop soon… Continue reading New workshops added!

Weaving with handspun (part 1)

I have been spinning for about 3 years, and have gradually built up a stash of handspun yarn that is waiting for a suitable project. Like many with a creative mind, my Projects-To-Make list is rather long and grows at a faster rate than I can actually craft, so it's taken a while for the… Continue reading Weaving with handspun (part 1)

What’s the difference between Ashford’s rigid heddle looms?

I know this question comes up a lot in weaving forums when someone is looking to buy a rigid heddle loom. Due to the size and cost, it's not necessarily the type of item craft stores can hold in-stock in great quantity, so it can be hard to see all these looms together and compare… Continue reading What’s the difference between Ashford’s rigid heddle looms?

What do I make with a rigid heddle loom?

The typical 'first project' on any loom might be something like a scarf or a table runner - a simple long, thin rectangle of cloth that needs no further work once it's off the loom and wet-finished. Sometimes it's hard to see where to progress to from there... And especially if you're already a knitter… Continue reading What do I make with a rigid heddle loom?

Craft Show Entries

This week I received some exciting mail - the 2021 Woolcraft Schedule for the Australian Sheep & Wool Show held in Bendigo, VIC. The show was cancelled for 2020 and so I did not get a chance to enter any exhibits last year, but I thought this might be a good time to reflect back on my experiences from 2019...

Wet Finishing and Fulling

The final step of weaving your cloth is (usually) to give it a wash - wet finishing. Depending on your fibre and intended use of the cloth you might have different aims for your wet finishing. Maybe you don't want it to change much and just want to give it a quick and gentle soak… Continue reading Wet Finishing and Fulling

Exciting things looming ahead…

I've received some very exciting packages this past week and have been busy with the sandpaper, paintbrushes and varnish. I'm building up my fleet of rigid heddle looms with the aim of getting some workshops running in late November &/or early December. I will have two beginner level workshops ready to start with -… Continue reading Exciting things looming ahead…