New workshops added!

Just a quick little update post…

I have added new dates for Full Day Workshops for September and October 2021. I’m also starting to look at scheduling workshops for the summer holidays – for example a variation of the Iloomination workshop but Christmas-themed! I am hoping that I can run an intermediate tea-towel workshop soon too – I’ve got the equipment, decided the materials and cost, I just need to sort the venue and dates.

I also had a guest blog post published over on a friend’s website: How Long Did It Take, which details the design/experimentation process for developing my Chunky Rug weaving workshop, so if you’d like to read about how I tested my ideas, and how long it took to weave a sample, you can go read that here.

Chunky rug weaving

Other things that I am working on right now:

  • New business cards! Kinda boring I know, but I’m hoping to do something a bit fun with them.
  • Multi-shaft weaves – I made a laundering error with the poncho I once wove for my husband, so now I am making a new one (a bigger one, a better one etc) on my FLOOR LOOM! Yes that’s right I am finally using the big counterbalance loom I got last year. And as an added bonus, when I took the warp to the loom to get started, my mind immediately focussed on the already warped and ready to go table loom behind me (as detailed in Weaving with Handspun (part 1)). Thus the looooong project on there that has been languishing for months is also moving along again (it’s not procrastination if I just jump from one loom to another is it? Both projects are valid right???).
  • I hesitate to include this in the list because I haven’t started it yet, but I suppose once it’s on here then I will have to get started?? So I have selected a skein of handspun to use as a warp, and a matching commercial yarn for weft, and I have wound the handspun up into a ball, I now just need to get it onto a loom!

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