Exciting things looming ahead…

I’ve received some very exciting packages this past week and have been busy with the sandpaper, paintbrushes and varnish. I’m building up my fleet of rigid heddle looms with the aim of getting some workshops running in late November &/or early December.

I will have two beginner level workshops ready to start with – an alpaca cowl/scarf using beautifully hand-dyed yarn from Liz Green Arts, and a three-colour houndstooth weave that will show how easy it really can be to make stunning looking cloth. Some things that look quite complex and clever are actually really simple and easy to do!

Weaving featuring small checked / criss-crosses of white, plum and purple in a houndstooth pattern.
Three-colour houndstooth sample using white, plum and purple 8-ply yarn.

The workshops will be hosted by Liz at her studio in Eagle Point, Victoria. I’m working on updating my Classes & Worshops page to include all the details.

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