Weaving with handspun (part 1)

I have been spinning for about 3 years, and have gradually built up a stash of handspun yarn that is waiting for a suitable project. Like many with a creative mind, my Projects-To-Make list is rather long and grows at a faster rate than I can actually craft, so it's taken a while for the… Continue reading Weaving with handspun (part 1)

Choosing Colours for Houndstooth

I had some fun this week picking out colour combinations for the upcoming Houndstooth weaving workshops. It's a very striking, classic colour pattern and I love how it looks so effective and impressive while being really very simple. The trick is getting a good amount of contrast between your colours (and it applies to other… Continue reading Choosing Colours for Houndstooth

Essential Weaving Terminology

Learning a new craft can be daunting when there is a lot of new terminology to pick up - however this terminology allows communication of both ideas and techniques. Once you have a handle on these terms you will be better equiped to explore the wide variety of weaving resources that are available. I have… Continue reading Essential Weaving Terminology