East Gippsland Winter Festival 2022

Don’t despair as the days draw short – come celebrate the season with some warm, woolly weaving workshops!

A timber table covered in looms, balls of bright coloured wool yarn, fluffy wool roving and locks. There are people's hands and arms along the sides of the table, weaving on the looms.

I’m so pleased to be part of the East Gippsland Winter Festival program again this year, running TWO workshops at Iceworks in Lakes Entrance. Sticking with the winter-warming theme, I’ll be running another Iloomination workshop if you want to dress up your wall, and a Rustic Rug workshop if you want to warm up the hall(way). Or, personally I like a woolly rug beside the bed, to soften the shock of getting out of bed on chilly winter mornings. If you’re interested you can read all the details and book here.

View looking at the floor from above, two legs in navy pyjamas with white spots and green wool socks hanging over the edge of a bed, reaching down to a reddish-brown wool rug on the floor.

There are so many events organised as part of the festival, but one that I’m particularly looking forward to is the Bruthen Medieval Winter Fire night on 2nd July.
Many years ago, for a costume party I made a dress based off one of the garments found in the Norse settlement of Herjolfsnes in Greenland (pattern from this book). Strangely I’ve not had many occasions to wear it since… So, this sounds like a great excuse to dust the dress off (probably literally!) and maaaaaaaybe I’ll see if I can neaten up the hems a little – that was the first garment I ever sewed myself and ahhh, it was a learning curve that’s for sure.

Does this sound like something you’d also enjoy? Maybe I’ll see you there!

Poster - 
Bright yellow and white Text reads: East Gippsland Winter Festival June 17th to July 10th 2022
Medieval Winter Fire Festival 3pm Saturday 2 July Mechanics Hall, Bruthen. 100+ events over 3 weeks egwinterfest.com.au
Background of the poster is a dark blue image of hills silhouetted against a night sky filled with stars, and little yellow bogong moth symbols are scattered around the text.

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